Drug rehab is a viable option for people from all walks of life.

Although many people assume that those in drug recovery don’t have jobs or even a chosen career field, the truth is that addiction is a disease that can impact anyone from any background and any type of employment.

Many people continue to have careers and families while in the throes of addiction. These professionals struggle with the same issues as any other addict, but may be afraid to get help for very different reasons. Often, they’re afraid of damaging their professional reputation and putting their job at risk in order to get treatment.

So, what are your options if you’re a professional who is struggling with addiction and wants to get help?

Rest assured, you’re not alone. Here is what you need to know to help you protect the career you’ve worked so hard for, while still getting the alcohol and drug recovery help you so desperately need.

Can You Lose Your Job if You Go into Rehab?

Many professionals who want to get drug treatment face this predicament: Will they get fired if they go into treatment? It’s vital to know what your rights are – because you do have rights.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you are offered some employment protections.

Under this law, those who struggle with the disease of drug and alcohol addiction are considered disabled, therefore, they are protected from discrimination for their disability.

However, there are some technical considerations to be aware of under the law.

If your drug or alcohol addiction has impacted or job performance, you can be fired by your employer. Taking action, such as going into rehab before you face disciplinary action, can offer you some protection, as an employer cannot fire you for errors or poor performance in the past if you are actively seeking treatment.

It’s also important to understand that anyone who is actively using drugs or alcohol is not protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act; you must be in recovery to be protected. So, if you want to protect your career, then going into drug rehab is your best option.

What Happens to Your Job While You Are in Rehab?

When you go into alcohol or drug rehab, you may be wondering what happens to your job.

Under the law, your employer must make reasonable accommodations such as a change to your work schedule for you to attend meetings or approve a leave of absence for you to go into rehab.

The Family and Medical Leave Act can help protect your job while you receive treatment.

Eligible employees can take an unpaid leave of absence under this Act, which helps protects your job while you’re gone. You can have up to 12 weeks of medical leave in one year. This can help to protect your job while you are in drug recovery and attending rehab.

However, you won’t be protected unless you seek treatment that is provided by a health care provider, or by a provider of health care services on referral by a health care provider. You can talk to your human resources department at work to obtain details. However, if you aren’t comfortable having that conversation, the Boise drug rehab specialists at Moonlight Mountain can help get you the information you need.

Will Your Career Skills Suffer While in Recovery?

Another common fear we hear from professionals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction is that they’re afraid their job skills will suffer while they’re away.

The truth is that, although this fear is common, it’s not something that you should be worried about. When you’re sober and in recovery, your job skills and abilities are actually likely to improve. Getting free of the toxins and substances you have taken – and that impair your cognitive functions and abilities – may help improve your job performance and sharpen your skillset.

When you work on your mental health issues and other things that have added to addiction, then it will help you to clear your mind and make you better at what you do for a living. The likelihood is that your productivity and your drive to improve your work performance will only be better when you’re clean and sober.

How Can You Pay Bills When in Rehab?

Many people fear how they’ll pay their living expenses in addition to drug and alcohol treatment if they’re not working. Try not to worry too much. First, take a look at any vacation time you may have accrued through your job. You might be able to use that to help cover your living expenses while in treatment.

You can also look into short-term and long-term disability coverage through your employer. This may be an option that can be used while you are receiving treatment to help cover your bills and other living expenses.

It’s important to remember that alcohol or drug recovery is an investment in yourself. The changes it can make to your life will pay off for years to come, not just professionally but personally as well. You are worth the investment.

What Will People at Work Think if You Go to Rehab?

A lot of people worry about what others will think of them if they go into treatment, especially whether it can impact their professional reputation.

First and foremost, you don’t have to share your recovery status with the people you work with unless you want to. If you decide to tell them, then you may be surprised by the positive reactions of others. Many people will respect your decision to get help and address the problems you’re facing. Plus, after your recovery, it’s possible that you’ll be more valuable in your job role – something others in the workplace can appreciate.

If you worry that those around in you in the workplace will gossip or somehow treat you differently, then you can take up the matter with your human resources department. You should remember, however, that when you get treatment and are in recovery, chances are that your self-esteem and confidence will only grow. It will be much easier to look past any negativity that is surrounding you and reach for your own personal and professional goals no matter the ignorance of other people.

You Can Get Help Today. Explore Rehab in Boise Now.

You may think that you’ve made it this far in your career while struggling with drugs and alcohol, so why stop now? But just imagine what you could do if you were free of the bonds of addiction.

Let Moonlight Mountain Recovery help you to reach your personal and professional goals through alcohol and drug rehab in Boise.

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