What to Expect from Inpatient Drug Rehab

If you’re thinking about going to inpatient drug rehab, chances are you’re feeling a bit intimidated and unsure what to expect. Even for those who sincerely want to get healthy and sober, it can be nerve-wracking to think about going to rehab simply because you don’t know what to expect.

To help put your mind at ease, here is what you can expect from inpatient drug rehab.

When You Check In

When you arrange to admit yourself to inpatient drug rehab, you will first be greeted by staff members who will do an intake to find out more about you and the issues with which you are struggling. This is a vital step in the process since the information gathered at your intake will help your counselors and other staff at rehab understand what you need in your treatment plan.

Do You Need Detox?

Detox is a process where all drugs and alcohol are removed from your body after prolonged use or abuse. For some addictions, this process can be difficult but it’s important to ensure that your body is free of all substances so that you can do the work you’ll need to in rehab.

If you need a medically assisted detox, that can be offered to you. Substances that have a high potential for dependence, such as heroin or alcohol, may require additional treatment to help ease any withdrawal symptoms. But how long you spend in detox and the treatment you need to help you through it depends on how long you’ve been using the drugs/alcohol, how much you use, and what you’ve been using.


One of the keys to inpatient our drug rehab programs is therapy. Various types of therapies are used in the process of recovery to help manage cravings, avoid a relapse, and stay sober. Therapy helps to give you the tools to persevere through situations life may throw at you without turning to drugs and alcohol.

Individual therapy between you and a therapist consists of private, one-on-one sessions. In these sessions, you’ll explore your life, your addiction, and the impact your addiction has had on you as well as those around you. It’s a powerful tool to help you heal.

Family Counseling

Research supports the use of family therapy as an effective tool in recovery and in helping patients remain sober after they leave treatment. It’s important to remember that those in your family may be deeply impacted by your drug or alcohol use and need a space to talk about how it has made them feel. Taking a closer look at family dynamics and how they can impact addiction is also helpful to help you recover.

Don’t be scared of inpatient drug rehab in Pocatello. It’s a great tool to help you regain control of your life. At Moonlight Mountain Recovery, we accept most types of insurance for inpatient rehab, and we will handle all the paperwork for you so you can focus on the important task of your recovery.

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