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summer sobriety addiction recoveryMoonlight Mountain Recovery provides compassionate and comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab in Montana. We provide a holistic approach to addiction treatment and recovery. Our evidence-based therapies provide the tools necessary to break the cycle of addition and restore a healthy balance to life.

At our addiction recovery centers in Montana, we take a highly personalized approach to your treatment. We treat all parts of the person, using the proven dual diagnosis approach. Our therapeutic treatments consider the mind, the body and the spirit, ensuring that you have all the resources you need to get clean and sober – and that you have what you need to stay that way.

If you are concerned regarding the cost of drug rehabilitation in Montana, rest assured that we accept most types of insurance, including Medicaid.

Inpatient Rehab in Montana

No matter whether you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, our inpatient addiction treatment center in Montana can help.

We work with patients who have developed an addition to street drugs as well as prescription drugs, including opioids. Our alcohol dependency programs are equally comprehensive. The inpatient environment is particularly effective for rehab and recovery. This environment removes patients from the environment in which their dependence began and grew.

As a part of our inpatient treatment programs, we can also provide medical detox for drug addiction. This ensures that patients safely and successfully get through the challenging and potentially dangerous detoxification process

In the inpatient environment, you will not have to deal with the environments and circumstances that caused or contributed to your addiction. You will be free to focus on the important tasks related to your recovery.

Alcohol Rehab & Recovery in Montana

You might have tried other recovery programs and in the past and not had satisfactory results. Or this might be the first time you have given serious consideration to finding an alcohol recovery program in Montana. Either way, Moonlight Mountain has the answers you are looking for.

The power of our programs come from our quest to identify and address the issues that underlie your challenges. Our dual diagnosis approach ensures that whatever challenges you are facing are dealt with, as do the evidence-based therapies we utilize. This further enables you to succeed in your quest for sobriety.

Montana Residential Addiction Rehab & Medical Detox

We are truly a full-service recovery center, offering both residential rehab and outpatient recovery programs.

Our highly trained, experienced and certified team members are there for you throughout the recovery process. From the first time you contact us through your recovery and beyond, we are there to provide the assistance and support you need and deserve. You need never face this challenge on your own.

To learn more about our alcohol and drug rehab center in Montana, contact Moonlight Mountain today.

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