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The Moonlight Difference

Moonlight Mountain Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab center located in Pocatello, Idaho for those suffering from alcoholism and every kind of drug dependency.  Our rehabilitation program specializes in dealing with addiction to opiates and is designed to give individualized care in an intimate setting. We utilize the latest modalities in addiction treatment, resulting in lasting success for our patients.

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Moonlight Mountain Recovery saved my life! I've been to several other recovery centers and nothing is as good as this place. The staff is super nice and so friendly. They treat you like a real person and NOT a number. You come in as a group and leave as a group. The bonds you form are forever. It's not all easy breezy don't get me wrong, but it's worth it. They take you out in the community to learn how to function and reintegrate into society sober. The resources and contacts I've accumulated and the community I've integrated into my recovery are amazing. I know that I'll always have a home at MMR.
Brooke Tarner
Brooke Tarner
16:46 25 Apr 19
Moonlight has given me a new way of life that i thought was not possible. They have given me several tools to help maintain a road to recovery through many classes offered by the treatment team. For the first time in my life I was validated as a person in addiction. The care staff as well as treatment staff go above and beyond to make your time here successful. I highly recommend Moonlight for those of you in need of a life changing experience. Thank you Moonlight for all the great things you have given me, most of all Thank you for giving a clean and sober mother back to my children. I will forever be indebted.
Danielle Meza
Danielle Meza
20:03 30 Apr 19
Comfortable living. Effective treatment. Excellent staff. Thank you all.r.t
Rob Taggart
Rob Taggart
17:00 11 May 19
If you know what's good for you, give them a call. You won't be disappointed. My hats off to Richy for making this transition as easy as possible. Thank you.
Ace Weight
Ace Weight
22:23 06 Feb 19
Moonlight Mountain is in a beautiful setting, surrounded by forest and wildlife.The building is stunning and well kept.The staff are caring and dedicated to helping people get sober and reconnect with loved ones, and stay connected to the recovery community.
Annetta Johansen
Annetta Johansen
03:25 10 Oct 18

Our Services

Addictions of any sort are complex conditions that require comprehensive and multi-faceted treatment programs.
Our licensed therapists and counselors are skilled and compassionate professionals who go to the heart of the issues that keep a person trapped in addiction. After a detailed psychological evaluation and substance abuse assessment have been completed by our Clinical Team and Medical Director, they will design and implement a multi-faceted treatment plan for each individual.  This will help our patients develop the strength and resilience needed to break away from the addiction and successfully recover their lives.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Our program brings together the latest research-based treatment modalities so those who struggle against addiction can regain their freedom and independence.


Dual Diagnosis

When treating drug and alcohol addictions, it is also necessary to address the underlying issues of psychological disorders, or diseases that may have been left unchecked and undiagnosed.



Sometimes individuals clearly need help to break free from their addiction, but they resist those who would like to see them receive treatment. To facilitate the delivery of treatment, we have a network of trained Intervention Specialists who can help.


Social Detox

Moonlight Mountain Recovery is proud to offer an in-house detox to help our residents taper off of drugs and/or alcohol. This helps ease the transition from detox into rehabilitation when the patient is ready.


114 people die every day in the U.S. because of drugs


6,748 people are sent to a hospital emergency room every day because of drugs


Over 50% of individuals who attend rehab will overcome their addiction

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Located in the hills of Pocatello, Idaho, Moonlight Mountain Recovery offers comfortable, up-scale accommodations in a beautiful and peaceful setting.

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