Drug Abuse Rehab

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Moonlight Mountain Recovery offers patients more than just the standard drug abuse rehab program. We strive to assist each individual in building a healthy sense of self-worth as they venture through the drug abuse recovery process and make the transition to a life a sobriety.

Effectively Proven Drug Abuse Rehab Methods

Moonlight Mountain Recovery provides a holistic approach to deliver effective treatment and optimal care to patients. We offer multiple healing modalities and access to a wide spectrum of tools and resources, including medical supervision by a multi-disciplined team of specialists within a supportive community. We offer 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs at affordable rates.

Under our guidance, patients can learn new life skills in a structured environment that fosters positivity. New habits and healthy coping mechanisms are strengthened through the support of the community and guidance of the clinical team. We understand that being surrounded with other individuals who walk a similar path often leads to lifelong friendships that inherently create built-in support systems for the recovering addict after they leave treatment.

If you suffer from addictions to any of the drugs below, contact us today, we can help.

  • methamphetamines

  • cocaine

  • heroin

  • amphetamines

  • cannabis

  • ecstasy

  • hallucinogens

  • inhalants

  • pain killers

  • opiates

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