Addiction treatment isn’t a solitary experience for most people who seek help. It is a process that also affects those closest to the addict. And, just as an someone’s addiction affects their personal relationships, so too does addiction treatment.

Maybe you have been trying to convince your loved one to seek help for months or even years but, once they go to a recovery center, you may not know where to go from here. That’s OK. In fact, it’s normal. The concerns you’re feeling are shared by friends and family members of addicts everywhere.

To help you find your footing, we would like to explore some steps that you can take to help ease your concerns as well as support your loved one in addiction treatment.

Learn the Benefits of Addiction Recovery Treatment

From the perspective of friends and loved ones, addiction recovery often means something very different than it means to the person seeking treatment. Take some time to explore how detox and rehab will change the life of your loved one.

Improved Brain Health

Substance abuse and addiction cause the neurons and neurotransmitters of the brain to have difficulty communicating. These important brain functions are responsible for crucial bodily functions such as breathing, moving, thinking and speaking. Substance abuse can lead to significant issues such as unexplained mood swings, depression, anxiety and poor sleep. Substance abuse can also affect memory functions and the ability to learn. Once an addict begins recovery, these functions can return to normal

A Healthier Immune System

The immune system can be compromised by substance abuse, making more difficult for the body to fight off disease and illness. This can make the white blood cells that are tasked with combatting bacteria and viruses are less effective. Addicts may become more susceptible to disease and infections. Through medical detox and rehab, the immune system can begin to bounce back.

Restored Emotional & Physical Control

One of the most pervasive effects of addiction is how powerless it can make its victims feel. Your loved one may have felt as though they had lost control of their world, having fallen victim to the unwanted behaviors that substance abuse often leads to. Once they feel the freedom of restored control over body and mind, you might be amazed at how it transforms them.

Seek Out Information About How to Support Your Loved One

For anyone with a loved one who is battling substance abuse or addiction, one of the most important things you can do to support them is to educate yourself about addiction, the recovery process, and the best way to support them in their efforts. Without the proper information, you won’t be as effective when trying to help an addict get (and stay) clean and sober.

If you aren’t sure where to start, that’s not a problem. You can reach out to Moonlight Mountain Recovery for resources about addiction and our Idaho addiction recovery programs, to help give you better insight.

Temper Your Expectations

Addiction can be incredibly frustrating for friends and family. You may have experienced many moments when you’ve felt betrayed, abused or hurt by the actions of the addict in your life. You already recognize that addiction impacts many people beyond just the addict themselves. The people that care about them also pay a price, so you may be hurting too – and that’s normal.

By seeking addiction treatment, your loved one is taking steps that will ultimately benefit both of you. It’s important to remember that, while addiction can be very difficult to overcome — and many addicts will mess up along the way — it is a disease they are working to defeat.

Keep in mind that your loved one’s road to recovery might contain a few bumps and twists, and adjust your expectations accordingly. Support their efforts by showing empathy if they stumble, rather than making them feel as though they’ve let you down.

Practice Self-Care

Addiction is damaging to everyone in the addict’s orbit. Practicing self-care is crucial, especially when you’re trying to support someone who’s in recovery.

A few suggestions to help you care for yourself include:

  • Seek Counseling – Therapy isn’t only beneficial for addicts; it’s especially helpful for their loved ones as well. If you have a close relationship with someone in recovery, it can be stressful and emotionally draining for you, too. Setting up regular counseling appointments can help you to not only make sure you’re caring for your own mental health but also help you to be in a place where you can offer the right kind of support.
  • Exercise – Your health is a priority, so do something active to not only ensure that you’re staying healthy but dealing with stress effectively too. Doing something active that you enjoy is a perfect way to achieve both.
  • Take Time for You – You’re likely going to feel overwhelmed at some point along the way but, even so, you have to take time out for yourself. Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and be sure to feed your body as well as your soul.

At Moonlight Mountain Recovery, we can help you and the loved one in your life who is battling addiction. Contact us to find out more about inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment in Pocatello and Nampa today.

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