Addiction is a personal human struggle as old as time itself. Most recently, addiction has resurfaced at crisis levels. Clinically, addiction is a condition that begins when a person takes a chemical substance (or engages in a behavior), which begins as self-indulgent gratification, but quickly evolves to an uncontrolled compulsion that interrupts your life.

Who Can Develop An Addiction?

“Many people engage in the risky use of alcohol and drugs and anyone can develop a substance problem. Some people may progress and develop a severe addiction. The vast majority of people who use drugs and alcohol – even those who partake in them routinely – do not develop the disease of addiction.”

~ The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse

Why Are Certain People More Likely To Become An Addict?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of influences the medical community has labeled as “Addiction Risk Factors”.

#1 Let’s Go To The DNA

When scientists look for “addiction genes,” what they are really looking for are biological differences that may make someone more or less vulnerable to addiction. It may be harder for people with certain genes to quit once they start. Or they may experience more severe withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit.

Factors that make it harder to become addicted also may be genetic. For example, someone may feel sick from a drug that makes other people feel good. But someone’s genetic makeup will never doom them to inevitably become an addict. Remember, environment makes up a large part of addiction risk.

#2 Home Is Where The Trouble Shouldn’t Be

If you have grown up in an unhappy home, or, wrestling with the residual effects of a traumatic childhood, you are likely to want to self-medicate, often the root cause of addiction.

When children go with care, witness family fights, or have a parent using drugs, addiction risks rise.

#3 The Dangerous Combination Of Mental Health Issues & Drug-Use

Mental health diagnoses range across a spectrum of causes and remedies. Mental health issues (which are often solvable) that go unchecked will gradually present as depression, anxiety, and ADD. This is another reason to self-medicate.

#4 Troubled At Work & School

Life’s frustrations knock us down to the ground when least expected. They appear at birth and never disappear. If someone has failed at anything, internal conflicts begin to haunt him or her. Life becomes difficult and presents yet another opportunity to self-medicate.

#5 Friends Wanted: Drug Users Need Not Apply

Friends or family members who use drugs might present (purposeful or not) an opportunity that causes a relapse.

#6 I Started Too Early

Drug use at a young age increases the chances of becoming addicted as an adult.

Smokers, alcoholics, and drug abusers have a larger proportion of offspring with addictions than the rest of the population. The social and environmental issues that exist are also important in nurturing addictive behavior.

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