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Preventing relapses is an essential part of the healing process at Moonlight Mountain Recovery. Residents must be taught to recognize their own warning signs that could indicate the possibility of relapse and learn how to respond in a disciplined manner when those warning signs present themselves.

Good relapse-prevention counseling will enable each resident to recognize circumstances, activities, and ways of thinking that might trigger a relapse. Knowing what to do when faced with a trigger experience is key to avoiding relapses. Our clinical team can help residents develop the skills needed to attain and maintain sobriety.

Life coaching definitely figures into relapse prevention. Life coaching is a “talking” therapy: through conversation, the residents are led to understand how they arrived at their current situation and then begin to develop motivations and strategies to move towards a better situation.

Common Relapse Triggers:

  • Financial struggles

  • Self-pity

  • Exhaustion

  • Complacency

  • Unrealistic expectations of other people

  • Emotional events such as death or divorce

  • Impatience

  • Depression

  • Being overly confident about their own ability to stay sober

  • Relapse prevention is a vital component of the recovery process.

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