There are many different avenues that are proven to benefit your recover, group therapy being a key component of most treatment approaches. The power of group therapy is undeniable. There are three factors that contribute to the drive of group therapy helping recovery: Validation, Perspective, and Connection.


Validation is an important factor in the recovery process. Feeling as though our experiences are acknowledged by our peers facilitates an individual moving to a place of acceptance. Individuals are given a safe place to share their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, to open up about their experiences, and receive acknowledgment from their peers. It’s an important therapeutic factor to feel that you are not alone in your journey to recovery.


Building on this foundation is the opportunity to open the door to perspective. Individuals are given a platform to share stories and experiences in a group setting, to examine and challenge viewpoints, promote and develop insight. Receiving feedback and support from other group members, all in different stages of the recovery process, allows for the exchange of hope.


Finally, and arguably the most beneficial piece of group therapy is Connection. According to British journalist, Johann Hari, “The Opposite Of Addiction Is Not Sobriety. The Opposite Of Addiction Is Connection.” Through group therapy, individuals can foster relationships and build connections, developing cohesiveness and trust. Through each connection developed, individuals encounter altruistic exchanges, which encourage a sense of purpose and worth.

Recovery is a journey, a process of internal healing at a time when one is most vulnerable. Group therapy provides individuals a safe environment to let their guards down and feel empowered to begin this process. Validation, perspective, and connection are just three components fueling the strength found in group therapy.

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