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What to Do For Alcohol Poisoning Emergencies

There are a few forms of emergency that can arise due to overconsumption of various drugs or substances, and sadly one of the most [...]

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many tablets with a glasbeghäter. symbolic photo for addiction and costs in medicine and medicines.

Is Drug Addiction a Genetic Issue?

There are several issues or conditions that many people deal with any may wonder if they have a connection to their genetics, and the [...]

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Suboxone for Opioid Treatment

Basics on Suboxone for Opioid Treatment

There are several ways to treat various forms of substance abuse addiction, and the use of medication is a common example. Suboxone, for [...]

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Prescription Drug Abuse

Correcting Myths on Prescription Drug Abuse

There are a number of areas of our world where various misconceptions have sprung up through the years, and sadly the realm of addiction [...]

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long-term health risks opioid

Long-Term Health Risks of Opioid Abuse

There are certain kinds of substance abuse that are dangerous in both the short- and long-term, and opioid abuse is one of the [...]

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causes opioid abuse relapse

Potential Causes of Opioid Abuse Relapse

There are a few terms that are unfortunately somewhat common and well-known within the world of addiction recovery, and “relapse” is chief among [...]

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benefits medical detoxification programs

Benefits of Medical Detoxification Programs

Overcoming addiction is a process that often requires some assistance in various areas, and one great example here is during the detoxification, or [...]

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insurance considerations addiction recovery

Insurance Considerations for Addiction Recovery

There are a few important considerations to keep in mind for anyone looking into addiction recovery programs, and insurance coverage is often [...]

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signs addiction high-functioning people

Signs of Addiction in High-Functioning People

When some people think of the typical “addict” in their heads, they visualize people at absolute rock bottom. And while it’s true that [...]

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