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If you or a loved one is considering going to rehab for drug or alcohol addiction, consider choosing a recovery center that offers medical detox services.

Medical detoxification provides a safe start for a successful recovery program. Moonlight Mountain Recovery offers medical detoxification as a part of our comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. Serving the Boise and Pocatello, Idaho areas, our medically supervised recovery programs let you leave addiction in the past.

Why Medical Detox?

When you enter into a recovery program, the first step is ridding the body of all traces of the substance in question – alcohol, street drugs, prescription medications, etc. However, as the body has acclimated to having the substance on board, the detoxifying process can be highly uncomfortable and difficult to endure. In some cases, the detox process can be painful or even life-threatening.

To ease the discomfort and improve the safety of detoxifying, our medical staff uses proven therapies, including prescription medications, to help alleviate the symptoms and risks you might experience.

This service is done on a case-by-case basis and depending on the person and the severity of withdrawals from Alcohol or Benzos, we occasionally have to take this person to the hospital to detox in a safe and medically monitored environment before we return them to our facility. Also, based on what we discover in the admissions process, we might recommend that you go to a hospital or detox center first to stabilize before coming to our facilities.

Medical Detox for Drugs

Refreshing feeling like a green forest after availing medical detox services

The withdrawal symptoms you experience when detoxing from drugs will depend on which substance or substances you used, in what quantity, and for what duration. Your age and overall health also affect the process. The length of time necessary for detox can also depend on these factors.

Some drugs have relatively mild withdrawal symptoms. Others, however, can be intense and long-lasting. Some of the less severe symptoms could include sweating, shaking, vomiting, and severe headaches. Many people also experience strong drug cravings. Among the more severe – and more dangerous – drug detox symptoms are strong hallucinations, heart arrhythmia, and the disruption of normal body functioning.

Medical drug detox at Moonlight Mountain Recovery helps reduce the risk of dangerous drug withdrawal symptoms and makes the process easier to get through.

Medical Detox for Alcohol

Medical alcohol detox is typically shorter in duration that drug detoxification, as alcohol leaves the system fairly quickly. Nevertheless, the detoxification process can trigger significant and life-threatening symptoms for anyone who has abused alcohol for a long period or time or in large quantities.

Your symptoms could range from mild jitters to significant psychological manifestations such as anxiety or paranoia. Some people experience what’s known as the DTs, of delirium tremens. This phenomenon can cause seizures, hallucinations, and potentially fatal body system failures.

When you select a rehab program that includes medical detoxification, you avoid the risks of going “cold turkey.” Attempting the detox process on your own is not only potentially dangerous but you have a significant chance of failing in your efforts. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this hurdle alone.

In Pocatello and Boise, Idaho, Moonlight Mountain Recovery recognizes the importance of overcoming addiction in a way that is both safe and effective. We use an evidence-based treatment approach under the supervision of our experienced clinical team, assisted by our compassionate support staff.

To learn more about medical detox for you or a loved one, contact our rehab center in Boise or Pocatello today.

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