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At Moonlight Mountain Recovery, you may be able to use Medicaid to pay for medical detox, rehab, and recovery treatments.

Throughout the Boise and Pocatello metro areas, we assist people who are struggling to overcome substance abuse and addiction issues. Our Idaho rehab and recovery center provides a full range of comprehensive treatment programs for both drug and alcohol dependence.

We are committed to assisting you – or your loved one – find a way to get the help you need. Insurance, including Medicaid, can make the difference between being able to afford treatment and continuing to struggle.

Using Medicaid for Substance Abuse Treatment

Medicaid is a federal- and state-funded public insurance program designed to assist those people who cannot otherwise access coverage.

Generally, this coverage is available to individuals below the age of 19 and above the age of 65. It is also available to people with minor children as well as anyone who is pregnant. Medicaid may also be available to individuals who fall within a specified range of income, depending on the size of the family.

As with private insurance policies, Medicaid typically covers some or all of the treatments associated with rehab and recovery.

Can You Use Medicaid for Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Idaho?

Each state sets its own Medicaid standards and coverages. Consequently, eligibility can vary from state to state.

In addition to the criteria outlined above, Medicaid may also be available to Idaho residents who have been diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer, as well as anyone who meets the Social Security Administration standards for blindness or disability.

You may be able to use this coverage for a variety of outpatient recovery treatments, including medical detox, rehab-related medications, counseling, etc. In addition to Medicaid, the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare offers other types of state-funded health coverage assistance.

Finding an Idaho Rehab Center That Takes Medicaid

Not all rehab and recovery centers in Idaho accept Medicaid. If you or a loved one are considering outpatient treatment for drug or alcohol dependence, be sure to inquire whether the recovery center can accommodate your need to use your coverage.

In the Boise and Pocatello areas, Moonlight Mountain Recovery takes Medicaid for outpatient rehab and treatment.

Our insurance specialists handle everything on your behalf. From verifying your coverage to submitting all the necessary documentation, you won’t have to worry about getting your treatment authorized, filling out forms, etc.

If you don’t have Medicaid currently or you aren’t sure whether you qualify, we can provide the information and resources you need to get started. Even if you were denied coverage in the past, give the Moonlight Mountain Recovery team a call today. Eligibility standards change regularly and that means that you may now be able to use Medicaid to pay for drug or alcohol rehab in Idaho.

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