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We believe that proper nutrition and fitness play an integral part in a person’s overall health.

If a person abuses drugs and alcohol, these toxic substances will have an adverse effect on physical health and well-being. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and a generally negative outlook on life may increase the dependence on substances in order to feel “normal” or “good” and may slow the recovery process.

Many people don’t consider nutrition to be important where rehabilitation is concerned, but good nutrition can enhance our mental as well as our physical health, and studies have shown that well-nourished individuals have significantly greater chances of remaining in recovery. Because we approach recovery with the attitude of teaching life-skills, we include nutritional counseling in our comprehensive program.

The correlation between our mental states and the overall physical health of our bodies is very significant. Here at Moonlight Mountain Recovery, we wholeheartedly believe that the mind-body connection is a powerful force for positive change, and we encourage residents to enlist the power of their thoughts in the battle to recover and remain healthy.

Regular exercise can also strengthen and detoxify our minds and bodies so that we are able to regenerate damaged cells and create endorphins to reduce stress levels. To assist our residents, we have made readily available access to exercise options both at our facility and in the community. An exercise routine that is challenging, exciting, and fun will foster a more disciplined and a productive lifestyle. Exercise can dramatically reduce stress levels and strengthen coping abilities. Our goal is to ensure that each individual is provided with the tools needed to completely recover.

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