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Individuals struggling with an addiction often behave in ways that baffle even themselves. Neither they nor their families understand that once a person is addicted to a substance, their brain equates obtaining that substance with survival. They may lie to, manipulate, steal from, and hurt the very ones they love the most. Feelings of self-loathing and guilt further push addicts toward despair; and family members often behave in ways that are counterproductive, even though they are desperate to help their loved one.

It is imperative that therapy, support, and education be provided for all family members of the resident that we are treating. Our experienced and caring therapists use their extensive knowledge and expertise to work with families in addressing every aspect of relational healing. There are various schools of family therapy, but all have in common the belief that keeping families involved in the healing process is extremely beneficial.

Family therapy has evolved over the decades, and the term family can now mean anyone who is supportive in a long-term relationship, whether related by blood or not.

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