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Emotional Processing is a key part of the therapy program at Moonlight Mountain Recovery. With the help of a licensed emotional processor, residents are led to discover and identify negative belief patterns that they have developed and reinforced.

Our perception is colored by our beliefs, some of which may be the result of experiences and determinations made early in life and may not actually be valid or helpful. As we grow, we may continue using these belief-motivated patterns of behavior even when they are not effective and may contribute to addictive behaviors.

As we change our perceptions of the past, we can become more emotionally honest and discard patterns of thinking and behaving that may be unproductive and may have inhibited healing of the mind and emotions.

Our facility is a safe place where residents can work through their emotions in an environment free of judgment. When residents finally begin to deal with the underlying emotional issues at the heart of their addiction disorder, life-transforming breakthroughs are achieved.

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