Addiction impacts every aspect of your life. To be successful, recovery also needs to affect every part of your world, including the people in your social circles.

The people you surround yourself with can have a big impact on your drug and alcohol use and recovery. When you have supportive friends and family on your side, then you know you can count on them when recovery presents you with challenges.

It’s important to understand that people in your life who enable your unhealthy behaviors can set you back in your drug recovery program. Here are some tips to help you build a rock-solid support system to help you improve your chances of recovery success.

Why Supportive Friends & Family Are Important

When you surround yourself with people who want to help support you through your drug recovery program and beyond, then you’re providing yourself with several advantages. These include:

  • Support – Family and friends who are encouraging throughout your treatment and recovery can help give you the support you need when things get difficult. They also help to provide a healthy distraction from triggers that can cause you to relapse.
  • Accountability – Supportive people in your recovery will provide you with accountability. Being in the presence of people who live their lives without using drugs and alcohol can set a good example of positive healthy habits and routines for you and help keep you on track
  • Rebuilding – Building a new life after addiction isn’t easy. It involves changing your goals, activities, and even your values. When you have supportive people in your life, then they can help you find new ways to live that don’t involve drugs or alcohol.

Ultimately, this means that you might have to make changes with regard to those people you spend time with.

How to Find New Friends in Drug Recovery

A new social circle is one of the most important things you can give yourself through your drug recovery program to help you reach your goals. It’s no secret that meeting new people can be difficult, but there are some easy ways to find people that can help to encourage a healthier lifestyle. You can find them through:

  • Support groups – Support groups for those in recovery are everywhere. Join one and be open to forming friendships with the people you meet there, many of whom are facing challenges similar to yours.
  • Local organizations or activities – Everyone needs a hobby. Consider volunteering somewhere in your community. This is a great way to form bonds with others who have similar interests. Even something as simple as joining a gym is a great way to meet new people with healthy goals.
  • Online – The internet provides you with endless opportunities to meet new people who may have the same goals and values as you. Aside from online groups focused on recovery, you can also look for communities online that align with your personal interests.

Going through drug detox and recovery, either inpatient or outpatient, is never easy. But at Moonlight Mountain Recovery, we understand the importance of surrounding yourself with people who want to support you. Our programs are designed to provide you with the skills and tools you’ll need to live the life you deserve, free of addiction and dependence.

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