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Residential alcohol rehab programs are highly effective for overcoming alcoholism and restoring your hope for a healthy, happy future.

At Moonlight Mountain Recovery we are committed to providing a comfortable, upscale environment where you can pursue recovery surrounding by our compassionate clinicians and treatment team. We have convenient locations in Pocatello and Nampa (near Boise.)

We design personalized treatment plans using evidence-based therapies. Our certified clinicians and therapists are highly experienced in helping people just like you overcome their challenges and move on toward a bright, fulfilling future.

Residential Alcoholism Recovery

A woman standing in a mountain feeling happy after being released from an alcohol abuse rehab
Inpatient alcoholism treatment provides a host of advantages over the alternatives. With a full-time focus on your treatment and recovery, you are free of the distractions and influences present in your daily life. Without those triggers, you can delve deeper into the underlying causes of your substance abuse issues.

You will have constant access to our licensed clinicians and your entire treatment team. This high level of focus allows you to progress more quickly and develop the skills that will help you return to sobriety and face a future with less chance for relapse.

Personalized Alcohol Treatment in Pocatello & Nampa, Idaho

We begin your treatment with an in-depth analysis and clinical diagnosis of any underlying mental illness that may have caused or exacerbated your dependence on alcohol.

Known as dual diagnosis, this approach ensures a holistic approach to treatment. We focus our therapeutic approach equally on your mind, body and spirit. We customize your treatment program to fulfill your cultural and spiritual needs, to ensure your security and comfort.

We use a combination of proven treatment modalities that encompass both group and individual therapy. Our programs include experiential therapy, equine therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and more, depending on what’s right for you and your quest for recovery.

Choosing the Best Alcohol Rehab Facility

Finding the best alcohol rehab in Pocatello, Nampa, Boise, or other nearby areas requires doing your research along with a healthy dose of soul-searching. The reasons for your addiction are as unique and diverse as you are. When you find a program that will identify and address the underlying causes of your substance abuse issue – rather than simply treating the symptoms – you will know you’re on the right track.

Many residents come to Moonlight Mountain Recovery feeling as though they failed themselves or lacked the strength to overcome their alcoholism alone. Rest assured that you did not fail yourself. Rarely is willpower alone enough to combat co-existing issues of mental illness and addiction.

Our evidence-based treatment strategies are designed to treat this specific type of illness, very much as you would expect to have any illness treated. With the help and support of our team, you can find your feet again, along with hope and optimism for the future.

If you are ready to regain control of your life, contact Moonlight Mountain Recovery today. We can answer your questions, explain our treatment approach and get you started on the path to recovery with our inpatient alcohol rehab programs.

When Intervention Is Needed

Some who have watched the slow progression of alcoholic behaviors in their friend or family member may be uncertain as to when the time has come for alcohol abuse rehab. Those who are becoming alcohol-dependent may be convinced that they “don’t have a problem” or have their drinking “under control.” They may even believe that their alcohol abuse is unnoticed by others and that it has no effect on their home or family life.

The fact is, few alcoholics are as good at hiding their addiction as they think they are. Family members who believe they see a problem with their loved one’s drinking habits may be recognizing the beginning of a serious disorder that requires professional help at a medical treatment facility. When it’s clear that alcohol abuse rehab is a necessity, an intervention may be necessary.

*In most cases, we are equipped to handle the detox process safely and comfortably in our facility. However, if alcohol abuse rehab has been combined with prescription drug abuse, the detox process may be much more difficult. In these situations, the patient may have to be transferred to a hospital during the detox process for added medical support.

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